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Investing in Suberra Protocol

How this DeFi platform is taking crypto transactions to the next level


  • Structural vulnerabilities and limited real-life applications have been long-standing obstacles to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
  • Suberra is a payments layer that allows users to send crypto tokens to businesses for online payments and subscriptions.
  • With more products in the pipeline, Arcane believes the Suberra team will drive the adoption of Web3 payment rails for more services in the future.

Cryptocurrencies intend to transform the way we make payments. It is difficult to counterfeit a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. The most defining feature of cryptocurrency, though, is that it is not issued by a central authority. This decentralised aspect will help to democratise money management. Having said that, the mass adoption of crypto payments remains tricky.

While decentralised finance (DeFi) is growing rapidly, it is still a relatively nascent vertical that requires a sharp engineering mind and deep understanding of cryptoeconomics. The stakes are also high. Recent hacks in Bitkeep, Mango Markets, and Temple DAO, to name a few, have laid bare some structural vulnerabilities of DeFi protocols.

To add, crypto transactions remain unrealistic for e-commerce businesses that rely on subscription models. While it is easy for customers to make a single transaction in Web3, making recurring payments can be troublesome.

The industry needs a scalable and optimised approach to crypto payments. As such, Arcane Group is excited to be backing Suberra Protocol as our latest portfolio company. This up-and-coming full-stack platform allows businesses and consumers to make crypto transactions in a seamless manner. Single payments as well as automated recurring subscriptions can be made globally.

Suberra has a number of defining qualities that has caught our eyes:

  1. Easy interface that makes crypto transactions as easy as paying for subscriptions on credit cards
  2. A wide user base given the platform’s ability to connect to more than 100 wallets, including Metamask and Ledger
  3. Broad-ranging options for pricing and subscription models that will suit various business needs
  4. Special user membership NFTs that can be displayed on wallets, marketplaces, and portfolio managers
  5. Greater interoperability through EVM compatibility via LayerZero

In Suberra, we discovered more than a productised approach to crypto payments. We also found a seasoned core team as well as recognition from top-tier Web3 clients and investors. Co-founder and CEO Edison Lim previously worked as the engineering lead for Zilliqa and Aqilliz while his counterpart and CTO Zac Ler was a software engineer at Lazada and Redmart.

Both Edison and Zac are the kind of founders Arcane looks for. They have a proven track record, and this is apparent in the way they dealt with the LUNA crash. Suberra was formerly live on the Terra mainnet and like many projects using the chain, it suffered from an unprecedented fallout in May 2022. However, the team has successfully managed to pivot with their determination, technical expertise and experience in shipping products quickly. They are now working towards being chain agnostic with their initial target being Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

While Suberra is still a budding project, we are thrilled to see already high interest from industry-leading clients like Ape Board and Delphi Ventures. This fact is only boosted by a notable list of investors besides Arcane, such as Spartan Capital, Hashed, and Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik.

For DeFi believers, and perhaps even skeptics, Suberra is building an indispensable product that will drive the global adoption of crypto payments. Through our in-house advisory service, market intelligence, and blockchain security audits, Arcane Group is ready to support Suberra’s team in achieving their Web3 vision.

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